Twitter Shirts and Then Some…

21 07 2010

So…for the sake of not saying anything, I would like to say that we’ve been working very hard on our drawing boards, and we’re coming out with a surprise in the next few weeks with a fresh batch of Twitter inspired shirts, and a few others from our #Random collection.

If you need a hookup, holla at me, Demola on 08023903311 or email, or follow us on Twitter (@StrictlyNaija)

See the pictures below. Enjoy!

Twitter Tees



#Random Tees

Evolution of Man

Evolution of Man...SNC

You can like to kee yourself..

You can like to kee yourself for real...


My point...exactly...




2 responses

9 08 2010

I LOVE the twitter + okada = fail one lol. I WANT!! and as i don’t now have bobi(at least not a flaunt worthy amount) can u do a “see nyash” one then have like an arrow leading to the back of the shirt hehe!! i’m sure the nyashful demographic would love that(myself at the forefront) :p.

10 08 2010
Ademola Ogunnaike

See Nyash!? :-O

I would consider it! I do have to satisfy that ‘demographic’ right?

Roger that!

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